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Disconnected health consumer market

An overview of the current disconnected consumer health market and chronic disease management market was given. With discussion on the potential to move towards a better connected ecosystem.

Key themes of discussion were around:

1. Business models
2. NHS culture and engagement
3. Industry engagement
4. Innovation
5. Role of Employers

An exercise was conducted to list and vote (4 per person) on what key activities might change the environment assuming now limits to funding, time and effort required:

1. Change healthcare reimbursement models e.g. accelerating personal health budgets, avaialability of sustainable incentives (5 votes)

2. Consistent industry approach to facilitate progress (2 votes)
3. Drive industry through open standards to breakdown current verticalisation (2 votes)
4. Determine consumer requirements (2 votes)
5. Increase NHS engagement with industry and other third parties (2 votes)

6. Move to patient ownership of data (1 vote)
7. Increase consumer responsibility for their heathcare (1 vote)
8. Use education as an opportunity to influence consumers (e.g. at schools) or healthcare professionals (e.g. medical training) (1 vote)

9. Increase Employer engagement
10. Need for a catalyst for ecosystem to emerge
11. Move to shared decision making and a collaborative partnership between consumers and healthcare professionals